Soprano, Clarinet, Harp & Double Bass, 4.5 mins, 2015

Large Ensemble | Song

Watching you drink me, feeling you think me, I drown in the threads of your thoughts as they struggle to sink me.


Notes trill through my teeth like krill through a reef and I atrophy.

Barnacled bricks stuck limpet slick,

Knuckles are shredded, my blood runs thick,

Breathing the depths of your full fathom eyes, my oyster flesh pinking in sympathy.

- Octavia Bright

Inspired by photograph by Thurstan Redding

Commissioned and Performed by The Hermes Experiment (Héloïse Werner, sop, Anne Denholm, harp, Oliver Pashley, clarinet, Marianne Schofield, double bass)